Lighten your Load from Halls to Home.

Another term and year done and summer is here. No more stresses of deadlines and dates. So why have the stress of moving all your stuff back home? Student Luggage Delviery from First Luggage is here to lend a hand to savvy students this summer. A new service that takes a load off your mind by lugging bags, sporting equipment and studying paraphernalia from university to home. We can even store your stuff for you over the summer.

First Luggage is the world's leading international door to door luggage collection and delivery service. We will arrange for your luggage to be collected anywhere in the world and delivered to your chosen destination without hassle or stress.

Get this summer off to a flying start by travelling 'hands free' style. No last minute loading of the car or being weighed down for a flight or an already long and painful train journey. Whether travelling from Southampton to St Andrews, London to Newcastle or New York to Paris, let Student Luggage Delivery from First Luggage help you. It's the intelligent way to start a stress free summer.

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